We are all aware of how men are fond of beard ever since they have heard about it. They say it reflects their manliness. They are sometimes more obsessed than a girl about her hair. That is one thing that every man tends to keep up with, shaving the beard. And all that instructions we have been following is to lather up the skin and shave the stubble. And that is the reason that you’re not getting the best as your favorite actor. Follow some basic routine to get the desired beard you always wanted. And understand the growth of the hair.


  1. Prepare with warm water

Commonly, all men wash off their face with normal or cold water which makes the pores to a size that makes it difficult for the shaving creams to perforate and rugged for the razor to work. Wash your face with warm water instead, to delicate your stubble and open your pores. The more heat you use the softer smooth shave you get.

  1. Use Pre-shave lube

You need well-moisturized skin to have a smooth shave. To remove all the dirt, wash with a good face wash and oil. It will enhance the cutting quality of your tool.  Wash your Pre-Shave to get a closer shave. Also, you can try sandalwood essential oil into your beard area and let it be there for few minutes. This can guarantee your key to better results.

  1. No Canned foam

Yes, they are preferably cheaper than anything else but not healthy for your skin. As these foams are generally not formulated to be gentle on your facial skin they can cause redness and razor burns. Shaving exfoliates and bares your new skin, using shaving creams that include oil and ingredients that nourish the skin can protect and moisturize your skin.

  1. Shaving against the grains

Beards grow in different directions and shaving against the growth can cause razor burns, irritation, or ingrown h always shave in the same direction as the hair growth first. To determine your growth directions slightly run your hand and draw 5. This will help in reducing the prickliness.

  1. Don’t Shave too high

Start shaving until you reach the middle of the ear height, then stop. Don’t shave it all the way to the top of your ear, it makes you look ridiculous.

  1. Shave low enough

You are going to ruin all your hard work on achieving that fresh-faced look by an unshaven lower neck. Use the mirror and leave no stone unturned. Get attractive by shaving your neck down to your collarbone.

  1. Gentle shaving

As the above steps have described how to make your beard soft, if that routine is followed the razor would do its work. The prejudice of getting a closer shave by adding pressure is completely false. It can only lead you to cuts and razor burns. Be gentle with your razor and get the closer shave, no harshness required.

  1. How often should you change your razor blade?

You don’t have to be all careful about one blade and one shave but shouldn’t overuse it as well. You should preferably go 5-6 times with one razor. It depends on your hair thickness how fast or slow the blade dulls out.

9.Importance of post shave

Post shave dryness is compulsory as shaving exfoliates our skin, followed by redness, sensitivity and razor bumps. A soothing balm or moisturizer can be used for intensive care.

  1. How can after-shave with alcohol damage your skin?

Here is why you should immediately stop using alcohol-based after-shave. Because you’ve just shed off your top layer and exposed the baby skin underneath. Although you enjoy the tingling sensation but all you’re doing is drying out your skin instead of protecting it.  You can also darken your skin by doing that. Opt for after-shaves that have Shea butter that can help locking up the moisture.

Never use dry razors in any case. Know your hair type, always personalize your routine. Never keep your razor wet, dry it and store it after each use.


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