If you are visiting Bangalore then you must not go back without trying these popular dishes of Bangalore, Karnataka. Whether you’re staying here forever or visiting for few days, you shouldn’t leave this city without savoring your taste buds. Although, Bangalore now offers a plenty of other food than Dosa and Kodava (food from the region of Coorg). Apart from being famous for Traffic and IT hubs, few dishes of Bangalore are famous all over India.

Popular Bangalore Dishes

  1. Benne Dosa

There is no doubt why this is on the top of the list because you may not have tried any dosa as tasty as this. This dosa is made in typical Kannada style. Flossy on the inside and golden crunchy layer on the inside as it is prepared with plenty of ghee (benne). Also, they are served with chutney and not sambar.

Which place serves the best Benne dosa:

Chetty’s Corner in Serpentine Road, New Krishna Bhavan in Sirur Park, CTR (Malleshwaram).

  1. Akki-Roti

Akki roti a rice-based food which means rice bread. It is preferably eaten in the breakfast. It is made out of rice flour. It is eaten along with chutney when served hot.

Which place serves the best Akki-Roti:

Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR), ESHANYA RESTAURANT – Jayanagar, Purnabramha- HSR Layout.

  1. Dal-Obbattu

It is sweet flatbread famous in Karnataka. They are prepared in special occasions and festivals. There are many varieties of obbattu including peanuts, sugar, coconut, groundnut flavors. Dal-obbattu is a must try.

Which places serves the best Obbattu:

Different Holige Mane, Malleshwaram. Holige Mane, Jayanagar 9th block.

  1. Bisi Bele Bhath (hot lentil rice)

It is a rice based dish prepare with dal, vegetables and spices. Spices like nutmeg, asafoetida, curry leaves and tamarind pulp makes the taste unique. They are the best when served hot.

Which places serves the best Bisi bele Bhath:

Maiyas Resturants, Jayanagar. Ballal Residency near Cubbon Park.

  1. Kesari Bhath

It is made up of semolina, sugar, ghee and milk. It is sweet dish and famous throughout India. It is specially prepared in festivals like Ugadi.

Which places serves the best Kesari Bhath:

Taaza thundi, Jayangar. Raghavendra stores, Malleshwaram.

  1. Ragi mudde

Ragi is also grown in Odisha and it is called Mandia. Mudde means lump and it is preferred as a popular meal in Karnataka. It is very healthy and keeps the body cool.

Which places serves the best Ragi Mudde:

Mudde Madappa Mess near TATA consultancy. New Prashanth Hotel, Jayanagar.

  1. Vangi Bhath

Vangi Bath has grown popular from the brahmin community. It can be purely called as fried brinjal rice. It is often eaten along with mosaru bajji or raita.

Which places serves the best Vangi Bhath:

Hotel Nalapaka, Rajajinagar. Adithya, Jp nagar.

  1. Mangalore bajji

It is otherwise called as Golibaje. It is a deep-fried food made from curd and different flour. They come in the form of small balls and served with chutney.

Which places serves the best Mangalore bajji:

Shri Sagar (CTR), Malleshwaram. Vidyarthi Bhavan, Basabangudi.

  1. Neer Dosa

Neer dosa literally meaning water dosa. It is basically from Tulu Nadu and a part from Udupi. It is made from rice batter by steaming process.

Which places serves the best Neer Dosa:

MAVALLI TIFFIN ROOM (MTR). Adithya, Jp nagar2nd phase. Southindies, Indiranagar.

  1. Mangalore Bun

Mangalore buns are the cuisine of Udupi, Mangalore. They are made out of all-purpose flour and banana. They taste mildly sweet and are very fluffy. Mostly served with spicy coconut chutney or sambar.

Which places serves the best Mangalore Buns:

Shri Sagar, Malleshwaram. Halli Mane, Malleshwaram.  Shri Vishnu Sagar, Kormangala.

People in Bangalore should never miss these cuisines although there are many more. These are everything you must eat and I bet you can’t stop licking your finger.


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