Why Green Tea Over Coffee?

Green tea for weight loss

Green Tea: There are a lot of coffee lovers out there, I know. I am myself a coffee lover and I know how coffee saves you from falling asleep while studying, maintains your energy level, relaxes your mind. But have you ever given a second thought about reading its benefits at least? I am sure many of can’t simply think of an alternative to coffee and thinking to close the tab. Please don’t, think about your body the way it takes care of you when you fall asleep at night. Do you not feel like returning the favor a little? The feeling of sipping a hot cup of coffee is inexplicable. For an instance let’s consider coffee as your crush, initially, it’s a great feeling all mushy, ticklish. But eventually, you’re left hanging with a discomfort at the pit of your stomach. And you’re left crying for no particular reason.  Green Tea

Side effects of Coffee

Coffee or the caffeine of the coffee cataclysm. Caffeine is very effective for migraines and it increases your stamina. But overdoing it can cause various negative effects. It should be taken 400mg in a day by men, 300mg by women and 45mg for kids. Coffee releases Hydrochloric acid which makes it difficult to break down the food during regular meals. The acidity caused by the coffee can lead to an ulcer. It can become the cause of heartburn. Caffeine reduces your kidney’s ability to absorb nutrients. It also has Acrylamide, a carcinogen that causes cancer. It can also lead to insomnia and anxiety disorder.

Green Tea Benefits

While on the other hand green tea is better than coffee in many situations. Green tea comes from a plant called Camellia Sinensis.  It was first discovered in China, but now it is harvested in India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Hawaii. Green Tea has powerful antioxidants. It improves your brain function, lowers the risk of cancer, burns more fat, increases dental health, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. A cup of green tea also has 20-40mg of caffeine which improves your physical performance. It is also very mild and easy on the digestive system.

Green Tea Reviews

Concluding green tea as a very powerful liquid. It aids in weight loss, lowering cholesterol, regulating glucose level. The best thing for caffeine lovers is you can get the hint of caffeine without overdoing it. About the taste, give some time to grow on you. If you still want to add some honey or lemon you can give it a shot.


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