Every New Year, fitness resolutions are a must. That is why we see many gym or fitness centers being crowded at the beginning of the year. All of us target to lose weight, stay fit, eat healthily and reduce stress. Less than half of the people only succeed staying fit. We should first understand the reason for our failure. The sudden start of an intense workout is what backfires at us. We don’t take baby steps rather jump into the ocean and drown. Just hitting the gym isn’t enough; we should learn how to stay active throughout the day. Eating habit is the main focus of losing weight. We need to learn 3 things, to eat the right food in the correct amount and in proper time. Just try to focus on few things to make fitness your lifestyle.

How to track your food this New Year?

You can use any of the fitness apps available to track what you are eating, from the proportion to the time when you are eating. Always take baby steps, instead of setting a goal of losing 5kgs in 2 months, keep 2 pounds in 2 weeks. If you are still confused, keep a record of what you shouldn’t eat, even stick it in your kitchen or fridge. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Enjoy them; unless you love what you do you can’t get results. Many people have this habit of eating too much in the evening which makes them gain weight. The level of physical activity decreases as we go to bed and sleep after dinner. We should balance our meals. Keeping the breakfast heavy, lunch light and dinner lighter is ideal. To lose weight we should eat more often this New Year. Snacking in a regular interval is better than overloading in a go. And concentrate on drinking sufficient water; it is the key to weight loss. Try making healthy recipes than complicated for parties. Yes, there are plenty of healthy tasty recipes available. Say no to Carbs after 6 pm, eat the last meal at 6 pm; remember early to bed, early to rise wakes up thinner healthy and wise.

How to Exercise to lose weight this New Year?

The best way to stick to your goal is to scribble down your schedule. Again, take baby steps, start exercises based on your endurance and strength. You can always keep adding a little more in regular interval. For example, you can aim to add one more repetition each time or do it for extra 5 minutes or lift a little heavier. You can also see the improvement when the weights aren’t that heavy after a month. Wake up early and go for running. Don’t just run blindfolded; keep the track of kilometers and time. Running has been proven as the best exercise. It improves your stamina and strength for other workouts. Just don’t wait to hit the gym. Do other physical activities on too, like, go swimming, walk or even do a little workout at home. Always use stairs instead of an elevator. Run for a cause, this year join the marathons which support a good cause. Improve your fitness as well as others. Run for 2k, 5k, 10k or 15k it will get you closer to your weight loss goals.

How to work out with fun this New Year?

If you are not enjoying your exercises then you are not going to lose any pounds. Discover yourself, don’t just go to a gym and do some cardio. Join some Zumba or aerobics classes, dance while you lose weight. Try out kickboxing classes or swimming and aqua fitness workouts. You can stay fit in an entertaining way too, just know yourself and try everything out. Buy good workout clothes next time you go shopping. Because trust me wearing proper clothes will prepare your mood for the exercise. Take a friend with you who shares the same passion. You can better concentrate and motivate each other to workout giving competition.

Reward yourself this New Year

By the reward, I didn’t mean to grab a cheeseburger and pizza. Rewards means make yourself feel that your hard work paid off. Treat yourself with some good gym clothes, buy running shoes or go for meditation classes with friends to try new exercises and push your limits. Also, try out new herbal tea and beverages. Reward yourself with better life and health.

Be realistic this New Year

This New Year, don’t be impractical. Know yourself, set goals, and use your smartphone to keep you on track. Always keep a keep a plan ready, maintain a note of your goals that will help you stay motivated. Share your New Year resolution with friends and family and let them motivate you. This lifestyle will keep you healthy and stress-free.


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