What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

SEO JobSeekers, First we need to know what is SEO? Before going to apply for any job which is related to SEO. SEO Stands for Search engine Optimization, Which is the Process of getting Organic(Free) traffic from search engines. Here we got 2 more terms again called Organic Traffic and Search Engine.

Organic traffic means, getting users to your website from search engine without any investment and Search engine is a program that identifies our required data from database and displays in a list view to end-user. From this article, you can get an idea about search engine optimization Technically called as SEO.

Types of SEO’s available in Digital Marketing world:

Majorly there are 2 types of SEO’s, 1. White hat SEO and 2. Black Hat SEO. Recently Digital Marketers found the third one called Gray hat SEO, we will talk about this later. Now we will discuss how to increase good quality and quantity of traffic from different search engines.

White Hat SEO?

Name itself sounds good,  white hat SEO Follows Google’s algorithms and does not aim to exploit any loopholes of Google algorithms. White hat SEO is quite clean techniques to publish the quality content website. To Do White hat , we need to follow each and every privacy policies of Google algorithms.

Black Hat SEO?

Black itself indicates wrong, Black Hat SEO Gives more results instantly but you loose same that early too. Meaning, Black Hat SEO finds loopholes in algorithms and rank any keyword to top position within a couple of days. Its 100% illegitimate and illegal process of SEO.


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